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Chilliwack can be described as an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. It’s characterized by beautiful private gardens and public parks, rich in their displays of brilliant flowers and towering trees. Beautiful glacier-fed lakes, streams, and waterfalls, as well as hiking and biking trails are only minutes away from any point in the community.

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Chilliwack is also known for its friendly and hospitable citizens. Indeed, for thousands it has become a major tourist destination for such annual events as the Dixieland International Jazz Festival, the Bluegrass Music Festival, the International Pow Wow Dance Competition, and national white water kayaking competitions. Thousands of visitors also play at one of the community’s eleven golf courses – catering to the enjoyment of every level of golfer.

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Pacific Ocean

British Columbia

Despite its serene country setting, Chilliwack is but a short distance from other amenities. Just an hour away by freeway travel is the thriving port and culturally rich city of Vancouver where shopping and dining delights and tourism sights await. The world-class resort Harrison Hot Springs, located on the shores of eighty kilometre long Harrison Lake is but a one half hour drive away. In addition, such famous ski and snowboard resorts such as Whistler – Blackcomb (site of the 2010 Winter Olympics), Sun Peaks, Silver Star, Big White, Manning and Sasquatch Mountain are all within a three-hour drive from Chilliwack.

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The Green Heart

Chilliwack is known as the “Green Heart” of the Fraser Valley. The community of 100,000 residents is surrounded by some of the richest and most productive farmland in the world, yielding bountiful crops of hay, various grains, nursery shrubs, and vegetables. Chilliwack is particularly famous for the delicious corn that its farmers grow. Serving as a backdrop to the community and surrounding farmland are snow-crested and glacier blanketed mountains rising 1,500 to 3,000 metres above the valley floor. Cutting a course through the central valley carpet of green is the ‘Mighty Fraser’, one of the major fishing, and recreational rivers of North America. Indeed, Chilliwack is one of the best locations in the world for river salmon fishing.

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