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The Fraser Valley is one of the few geographical locations on the planet that enjoys the mild and moderate features of a ‘West Coast Marine’ climate. We are neither too cold in the winter, nor too hot in the summer and enjoy the differences of four distinct seasons. In a recent Weather Canada study it was determined that Chilliwack has had the highest average daily temperature of any city in Canada over the last 100 years.While most of Canada shivers through long winters where the mercury can drop as low as minus forty degrees Celsius, it is possible to golf or play tennis outdoors on some of our warmer winter days in Chilliwack.

ELL (ESL) Support

In Chilliwack School District we attempt to immerse our international students into our regular classes with our Canadian students as much as possible. However, ELL support is always available and we have student to teacher ratios that are second to none. Our extremely low number of ELL students in each school allows us to offer ELL classes with no more than twelve students per class and a number of ELL classes with as few as three students! Such a ratio provides for much more individual assistance, which in turn greatly hastens each student’s English language acquisition and proficiency.

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Safe and Friendly Environment

Parents sending their children to Chilliwack can rest assured that they’re sending them to a safe environment. Chilliwack is not hampered by the high violent crime rate that has hit many of North America’s larger cities. Furthermore, visitors to our schools predictably comment on the welcoming and friendly reception they experience from our students. We all benefit from a school culture in which any form of aggression is essentially non-existent, in which students go out of their way to contribute to each other and the general welfare of our schools, and in which the smiles and laughter that we share join us together. Our students are very accepting of international students. Since there are so few international students in our schools no one feels “threatened” by them and in fact quite the opposite occurs – our students are curious to learn about them and their cultural backgrounds and interested in forming new friendships with our new foreign students.

The staffs of the schools in Chilliwack School District enjoy a mutually respectful relationship with students where each truly likes the other. The staffs of our schools demonstrate their dedication to students through quality lessons, through after school help and scholarship preparation sessions (for high school students), through the many hours given to athletic coaching activities and organizing special events, through sponsorship of many schools clubs, and through continuous efforts to develop professionally



Furthermore, our teachers also wholeheartedly welcome our international students into our classrooms. The international students offer a nice bit of variety to the rather homogenous population that we have in Chilliwack. It is so much more interesting and insightful to ask “Yukimi” or “Alejandro” or “Yong Jin” about a question regarding their particular countries and build a class discussion based on the international student’s response than to read about it in a textbook.

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